How to clone a HDD with software

Post On: January 3, 2017
By: dhioendar

How to clone a HDD with software is not too difficult. You just need to follow the instruction and choose what suits you best. Below are the best software you can use:

Macrium Reflect Free Edition lets you back-up your PC and schedule backups. For a free version, you obtain incredibly effective program that allows you to create effective backups.

How to clone a HDD with software

Beginner accessible interface, Creating copies is frequently overlooked by a computer user. Additionally, many of the applications that enable you to execute this task seem not very simple.

Macrium is not difficult to understand, even for anyone who hasn’t use any backup software before.
Scheduling feature: Creating a backup is actually a source-demanding and time consuming procedure.

It’s certainly not the type of issue that you wish to have happening if you are wanting to utilize the computer. Nevertheless, the scheduling function lets you schedule a backup for your middle of the night or another occasion.

Restoration functionality, Restoring from the Macrium Reflect worked beautifully. No difficulties were noticed, and everything was repaired appropriately when the backup was made.
How to clone a HDD with software macrium reflect


Awkward installation: The program needs a large download file to complete and installs through a download server. The client was resource-intensive and not fast. It appears there might be a much better solution to provide the software.


Important Thing
Creating a great, reliable backup should really be a part of everyone’s computing practices.


MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 8 contributes copying and computer transformation to what was already one of our favorite drive partitioning tools, free or not. It generates, deletes, aligns, moves, recovers, divides, joins, hides and converts complete disks or partitions.

How to clone a HDD with software free


Flexible and effective: This software can make a partition of 80 GB hard drive in only seconds.

Undo it: An Undo key enables you to back-off alterations before they truly are not revocable.

Support: An Aid document that is shown and completely listed describes each attribute and method clearly.


The only problem we have identified with MiniTool Partition Expert is common to all or any such tools: it may destroy information when used carelessly (often take notice, invest some time, and back-up your data when arrangement or partitioning disk drives).
How to clone a HDD with software mini tool

How to clone a HDD with software primary capabilities

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Version has three primary packages of capabilities:

Simple Partition Management, which encompasses the following characteristics: develop partition, erase partition, format partition, hide partition, change drive notice, set partition name.

Advanced Partition Management, which involves the following features: Re size partition, increase partition, split partition, align partition, clean partition, investigate partition, convert NTFS to FAT 32, collection partition as key, collection partition as rational, backup partition wizard, partition recovery wizard, migrate OS to SSD/HD windows storage rooms.

Essential Disk Management, which involves the following attributes: disk content, remove partitions, arrange all partitions, recuperate all partitions, rebuild MBR, wipe computer, change MBR disk convert GPT disk to MBR.


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