What is the best dictation software for mac

Post On: January 21, 2017
By: dhioendar

What is the best dictation software for mac ? Below is the explanation.

Dragon Dictate is designed for Mac. Dragon Dictation is a voice-recognition that allows you to quickly talk and quickly see your text, it’s up-to five (5) quicker than writing on the keyboard. With Dragon Dictation you can even update your Facebook status, deliver notes, or Tweet towards the world….all using your speech. When you’re on-the- begin chatting – to mail communications from quick text messages, and anything in-between, stop typing and proceed. For best outcome, communicate clearly and smoothly.

1. Dragon Dictation requires network connection (WiFi or 3G/SIDE).

2. Dragon Dictation works on iPad, iPhone, and on second and third-generation iPod Touch (additional microphone required).

What is the best dictation software for mac dragon dictate

What is the best dictation software for mac ? Dragon Dictate

Gives as much as 99% speech recognition accuracy.

Get highly accurate speech recognition effects right from the field without any education required.

Supplies A personalized voice-driven data.

More improve accuracy with elective advanced instruction or checking of current files and emails.

Works with quick response times and minimal latency.

Get immediate feedback on what you say so you’ll be able to check it instantly.

Work hands-free, if desired.

Experience more ergonomic ease when working on your PC.

Feel less stress and stress on your body.

Multitask by using your style to influence and execute instructions.
It transforms your verbal feelings into text and that means you don’t have to bother about the aspects of writing and your speech directions into motion. You can easily move between keyboard, mouse and speech so you can use the setting of input you want for any given task.

Select your microphone option for freedom and mobility.

With automatic microphone recognition, it can tell you which microphones can be used.

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