Best Parental controls for mac

Post On: January 22, 2017
By: dhioendar

Below is explanation of best parental controls for mac.

Content Barrier.

The Internet goes fast and Internet also sets kids just one single click far from inappropriate websites. Intego ContentBarrier is parental control solution that allows parents to create proper boundaries for any child from toddler to teen.

Intego ContentBarrier can stop completely any types of pornography and gambling websites. You may also create a certain list of accepted sites, so they can be accessed by your kids without accidentally running in to a filter.

Set time limits.

Sometimes your children require the computer to-do their homework, but additional situations you need to shut off access. Intego ContentBarrier enables parents prohibit and handle some time of evening of your young ones can access the Web. Adjustments could be easily reconfigured, so you can modify our parental controls accordingly.

Best Parental controls for mac is intego content barrier

Best Parental controls for mac is content barrier

Watch on websites they visit.

Intego ContentBarrier enables you to know wherever your kids are getting online. You take screenshots of active applications or record keystrokes.

Best Parental controls for mac


Defend your children from unacceptable and risky web information.

Anti-predator conversation.

Quickly customize your options by family member.

Set restrictions on your own internet time for kid.

Always on track of internet use.

Blocks peer-to-peer download (e.g., BitTorrent).

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