Best personal finance software for mac download

Post On: January 22, 2017
By: dhioendar

Below is some best personal finance software for mac download you can use.

Best personal finance software for mac download first is Icash.

With this software, you can easily keeping track of your earnings, expenses, loans, debts and Banks deals. ICash can be an easy-to-use, multi-purpose and full-featured Personal finance Software for Windows and Mac designed to allow you to manage all kinds of income issues.

It can assist many sales needs for either personal users, clubs, company, small enterprises or just applied at home. ICash is user-friendly and flexible. Because of this, it generally does not make use of the principle of double-entry accounting which makes users easier to use it.

Best personal finance software for mac download icash

Key Features.

Registers and use your vocabulary if available.

No sales expertise expected, no double entry accounting.

Easy to-use, straightforward and user friendly all in-one software.

Reasonable Account category by category.

Exchange rate administrator is supported with by numerous values.

Deal auto-balance and reconciliation.

Total Budget help with customizable calculator.

Task categorization for reporting and concerns of orders.

Quick Transfer and Export of Categories and files (OFX, QIF, CSV).

Effective SQL database engine.

Multiple-doc software with password protection.

Best personal finance software for mac download with icash


IBank (banktivity).

This software can record:

Account types: Checking, savings, cash, credit cards, liabilities, money market, ventures, and balances can all be monitored.

Debt/loan supervision: monitor your loans with the enhanced set of debt management methods.

Hide/display accounts: Keep your finances mess-free by covering unused accounts. Your historic documents remain just a few clicks away, stored unobtrusively.

Streamlined input: Edit transactions straight.

Immediate download: link straight to numerous financial institutions online to download exchange changes automatically and securely With more robust OFX significance than ever.

Direct-Access: This powerful, optional registration service quickly changes records from over 10,000 banks.

Update everything: Utilize The solitary “Update Everything” switch around the toolbar to sync units, get deals for several of your records, get Direct Access info and update stock prices.

Best personal finance software for mac download ibank

File Management.

Convenience: Store all your account in one document (information file) for simple copy or shift. Quickly create numerous data for several customers.

Password protection: Stop unauthorized access by requesting a code each time your Bank activity file is exposed to your computer data. To encrypt your computer data, only switch on the FileVault.

Multiple windows: We all appreciate single-screen Apple-style interfaces, but occasionally you want to compare two different sets of information side-by-side.

Multiple Currencies.

Work-In any currency: your local currency is used by Banktivity. Create records in virtually any currency and implement currency conversions to your orders as required.

Download exchange rates: Obtain up to-date exchange rates over the Internet.


Expenditure types: mutual funds, securities, Track futures, ETFs money-market funds, gold and silver, stocks, and commodity with ease.

Best personal finance software for mac download banktivity

Recommended best personal finance software for mac download is banktivity

Investment accounts: Simply generate reports to analyze your capital gains (realized and unrealized), protection revenue, collection range, and return on investment (ROI). Check the present market value of the portfolio and drill-down into any stability to see information on your investment activity overtime.

Specialist trading: currently lets investment transactions are categorized by you. Banktivity supports long and quick places and calls, securities, stock trading and more.

Built-in templates: templates that are flexible, examine your spending practices by payee or group, account bills over investment earnings, time, taxable paying and debt management.

Levels of detail: Drill down into any report to see detail, for example dates, categories or sums, and produce just what you view onscreen, in-full color – or get paperless and save any record as a PDF.

Move to spreadsheet: Send info to common spreadsheet applications for example Excel.

Category budgeting: Select A budget that suits your design! Type-design budgeting allows you examine your advance through the budget period, arrange for forthcoming costs, and to set objectives for paying and earning in various categories.

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