Computer time limiter software for kids

Post On: January 23, 2017
By: dhioendar

Below is computer time limiter software for kids you parents can use.

Parental Control from salfeld.

Computer time limiter software for kids salfeld


Easy control and to setup.

Limits Computer and Internet Use Times.

Limits Situations on Single *.exe/URLs.

Potent Internet Filter/Blacklists.

Blocks File sharing.

Restrict Windows System Settings.

Accessibility from Any Internet PC.

Free Updates for 24 Months.

No Subscription!

With this specific plan, parents can quickly control even, and exactly set how many hours per day each child may use the PC. You can also control your kids’ stay to some specific period on specific sites.

Access Boss is a good entry management and time-control utility that allows you to minimize the time if the particular group of users is permitted to logon and use network PC. Restricting access hours can be quite beneficial to IT divisions or parents. Many parents discovered it to be a good plan to restrict entry to computer. User log on time is restricted by corporate system managers to the job hours only when no certified staff is available to monitor consumers to avoid any accidents.

Computer time limiter software for kids access boss


Easiest way to regulate computer time.

Limits time whenever an user can/ cannot logon your computer.

Boundaries for the length of time your PC can be used by an user.

Records user statistics.

Remote computer management.

Password protection.

Extremely simple to reduce computer time.

User Layer Limitations.

For each user you’ll be able to set safety restrictions with Access Manager. Each one of these individual limitations can be changed with Windows Registry Editor.

Disable Registry Editor — Disables Regedit.

Disable Commandline — Hinders Windows Command Prompt.

To disable Control Panel Applets — Prohibits user start any CPL files or to open Control Panel.

Disable Desktop — Eliminates all icons.

Disable Taskbar Properties — Hinders taskbar and start menu attributes.

To disable New Files in Start menu — Removes My Recent Files from Windows Start menu.

Eliminate PCs Near Me — removes Computers Near Me in My Own Network Places.


Computer time limiter software for kids like KidsWatch

KidsWatch is not significantly less than the most effective-rated Parental Control Software solution and Parental Controls. This software support for 32-bit 64-bit and computers and Windows operating systems.

Computer time limiter software for kids watch

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