List of Data Recovery Software for mac

Post On: January 23, 2017
By: dhioendar

Below is list of Data Recovery Software for mac you can use:

File Salvage is an extremely effective Macintosh program for researching deleted files from a drive or volume. File Salvage was created to restore files which have:

List of Data Recovery Software for mac file salvage

Been accidentally deleted.

Become unreadable because of media faults.

Been saved on the drive before it was re -initialized/formatted.

Use File Salvage to restore lost files, music libraries, Iphoto collections, and rescue lost data. Carrying out a fast installation.


Kernel for Macintosh (Nucleus Data recovery).

List of Data Recovery Software for mac kernel for macintosh

Kernel Recovery for Macintosh can be a data recovery software that efficiently retrieves deleted, inaccessible and lost data from your drives of Mac OS. This software continues to be integrated with progress QFSCI calculations that let you conduct recursive searching documents, the missing surfaces and versions and reading of damaged devices.

Recover missing data and formatted partitions.

Understands and maintains extended file names when recovering Mac files versions.

Delivers full recovery assistance for EIDE, IDE, SCSI and SATA drives.

User friendly and detailed GUI.

Offers complete assistance to data-recovery from iPod USB drives.

Totally compatible with Windows-10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 platforms.

List of Data Recovery Software for mac available recently

Virtual Lab Data Recovery is easy to use, yet so strong and powerful that it’s used daily by data-recovery corporations world-wide. It’ll unerase, undelete and recover erased files without difficulty.

List of Data Recovery Software for mac virtual lab


Recover files from devices no longer recognized by the OS.

UnDelete documents thown within the junk or deleted by virus.

Recover deleted files, ghosted or damaged partitions.

Preview your computer data in addition to recover around 500k of DATA-FREE, before getting something.

Recovers hard drives, hosts, floppy disks, digicam cards, MP3 players and much more.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

List of Data Recovery Software for mac stellar phoenix

Important feature include:

Recovers pictures, and other media documents.

Facilitates effective scanning of space for storage greater than 2 TB.

Searches deleted amounts on windows-based hard disks or lost.

Helps recovery from Windows-10/8.1/ 8/ Windows 7/ Vista / XP.

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